March Rewind

Cycle 3  is going to be a repeat of March, with the early spotting that lasts days and days and finally culminates in the most painful, terrible period ever. Oh, what fun!

I would much rather be pregnant.

Rereading posts and keeping track like this HAS brought a potential pattern to light.  If this every other month spotting / pain pattern continues, that may help a doctor diagnose some potential problems.  I am hoping that between my calendars and this blog, I will be easily diagnosed, if it comes to that…

So today, when the second day of spotting continued, I caved and bought an Ov-Watch.  Check out the website here:

I hope this bizarre little ovulation predicting watch is the extra layer I need to get the timing right.  I hope the problem is as simple as timing...

I hope this bizarre little ovulation predicting watch is the extra layer I need to get the timing right. I hope the problem is as simple as timing…

Basically, this watch measures your secreted chloride ions, which vary at different points in a woman’s cycle.  It is similar to ovulation prediction kits, but without having to pee on a million sticks.  And the watch will tell you your 4 most fertile days — allegedly the 4 days prior to ovulation.  This is similar to some of the newer kits, but I am intrigued by not having to pee a lot to find out if I may or may not ovulate in the next 12-48 hours (we’ve really got this down to a science, haven’t we…).

I also think I am going to bite the bullet and start temping.  I bought a new basal body temp. thermometer (the Walgreens one seemed off to me and I read some not-so-great reviews), so maybe this will help me to understand if and when I am ovulating.

And here I thought having sex and getting pregnant could be fun.  I’m bummed that the period is imminent this month, but I also understand that it is only our third month trying and that is not yet cause for concern.  I remain optimistic that it will happen when it is meant to happen.  I just hope that’s sooner rather than later!!!



Early Bird Special

Cycle Day 25, and lo and behold here she is. The wicked one.

I’d like to live in a fairy tale world of implantation bleeding, and to be fair, I did allow myself to do this for about an hour… but the plain honest truth is, she’s just here a bit early this month. It’s ok.  I’m ok.  It was only the first try, and I was prepared for this.

As a little “test,” I said to hubby, after emerging from the bathroom and announcing that this month was officially a bust, “Maybe we should put off trying until drama season is over.” (We direct the school musical together).  He looked up at me and shook his head “no way.” So that was good.  And that means I get to have more sex in a couple of weeks.  So yay!

I can tell this month is going to be a bit of a doozy with some heavy spotting for a few days before the main event, but that usually means a strong ovulation for me… so YEAH!  I am armed with prenatal vitamins and Evening Primrose Oil, and plenty of OPKs.

And now to bed, because I am WIPED and I am teaching not one, but two Jazzercise classes tomorrow.  xoxo