Added to the protocol for IVF2: hysteroscopy.

Early morning on Monday, 11/17, in the pouring rain, my mom accompanied me to the main branch of my fertility group for this procedure.

If I’m being honest, I was actually looking forward to a day off from work and the excuse to catch up on some sleep.

The nurse started my IV easily, which almost never happens, and we were off on the standard rigamarole: paperwork, pills, explanations, etc. For some reason, anxiety started to creep in.

On the table, as they were prepping me, I realized that my anxiety was really intense but I couldn’t place why. For the first time in my life I irrationally questioned if the anesthesia would work. I actually felt like the anxiety was strong enough to trump the drugs! But of course, I was out cold moments later.

It did not feel like a peaceful “out cold” to me. I actually felt like I woke up once, though I’m sure I couldn’t have. When I DID wake up in recovery, it wasn’t a pleasant, groggy, sedated, gradual wake up either. I swore I heard doctors and nurses saying scary things, that clearly I did not really hear. I was shivering with cold from head to toe and had a feeling of dread.

When the doctor came in, he reported that my uterus looked healthy, and while we will still have to wait for the official pathology report, he didn’t see anything or have to remove anything.

I had minimal cramping and slept most of the day and night away. R made dinner, cleaned, and took care of the pup.

But here’s the thing. 2 days later still don’t quite feel well. I can. not. get. warm. My eyes feel tired and feverish, but I do not have a fever. My supervisor asked me today if I am coming down with something.

So, I hope it’s just residuals from anesthesia, but I’ve never realized effects like these before. Maybe I will think twice before getting excited to go under next time!