Cravings & 11w5d Update 

  Who needs vodka when you have mandarins?!? And listen, I’m only half joking because I’m already 3 deep and I just got them home 10 minutes ago.  Even the smell of them is so satisfying. I seriously think I could make a good dent in this bowl by dinner time if I’m not careful…

I’m so relieved to be craving fruit instead of cake and candy. I hope this is a new trend. 

  There’s my strong baby gummi bear at 11w4d, with feet in the air! Placenta is lighter area to the right, which I thought was pretty cool, and my bloodwork shows that it is doing its job of producing hormones. I’m done with Estrace and Progesterone weening is underway! I may be one week away from my last butt shot. Fingers crossed. 

The hematoma appears to be gone which means exercise restriction has been lifted and I am off pelvic rest. My NT scan is a week from tomorrow and I’m planning to officially “reveal” [i.e. on social media] once I have the results. 

Doc mentioned the accompanying blood tests (MaterniT21) but didn’t write a prescription for the lab work so I’m not sure what that’s all about. But I don’t think those are time sensitive so I will ask at my appointment next week.

I’ve got a lower belly bloat pouch, but this has never been a “flat” zone for me.  My clothes are all still fitting; even jeans. I’m eagerly awaiting second trimester and hopefully will sport the oh-so-cute second tri bump soon! ☺️

Ok, I’m off to eat another mandarin…