Dangerous Dates

One of the nurses from my doctor’s office called yesterday with my dates for “IVF, Take 2!” This is all at once thrilling and terrifying.

Thrilling because I can plan ahead for things like coverage of my Jazzercise classes and taking off from work… and counting ahead to hypothetical EDD from retrieval date… (even though I swore I wouldn’t. September 2. Damn it, I couldn’t help myself.).

And terrifying because now I’m attached to the dates and the plan and if anything goes wrong, I know I will be upset in spite of how I try to guard myself. In spite of how I already know the pain of bad news, first hand. There are about a bajillion things that can go wrong in any given IVF cycle. And even if everything goes right… well, we all know the end of that thought.

So here are the projected dates, barring any unforeseen circumstances:
11/17 hysteroscopy
11/21 bloodwork, start Lupron
11/23 last birth control pill
11/28 bloodwork and ultrasound
11/29 start stims
week of 12/8 retrieval

In the most useful words of my people: Oy vey.

Here we goooooo…!!!