“March is going to be a fun month…”

This was the response I had been waiting for.  I had just *gently* woven into conversation that if we happen to get pregnant this month, I would be able to teach until the holiday break and have enough days to stay on maternity for the rest of the school year.  And DH – let’s refer to him as R – responded with a smirk and “Well, then, I guess March is going to be a fun month.”

This has, of course, led to non stop thinking, on my part, about making a baby.  Instead of finishing lesson plans, or choreographing dances for this week’s rehearsals, I have visited endless pregnancy and try to conceive websites.  I have mentioned the possibility of starting to try to way too many people, and I have already peed on a plethora of ovulation test strips.

So, rather than change R’s mind about starting this month, with too  much obsessing, I decided to channel my excited, nervous energy into a blog.  Here it is.  And tomorrow is the first day of “March Madness…”  let the fun begin.