Happy Anniversary, Happy Mother’s Day!

Today is my one year anniversary.  ❤

Today is Mother’s Day.

I hope May is our lucky month…

Last month was a total bust in TTC land.  I was upset at first, but the silver lining was not obsessing during my two week wait.  I enjoyed the rest of the month, not worrying too much about caffeine and alcohol intake, and before I knew it, I was starting a new cycle.  Right now, I estimate myself at around 2-3 dpo… but I don’t go crazy with charting or temping, so I don’t know for sure.  I’m REALLY trying to be low key, but we all know how that goes.

I find it really difficult to keep taking my prenatal vitamins, and to keep taking SUPER good care of my body during the times I know that I am not pregnant.  I know that all of these things are healthy for me regardless, but it feels weird to me, almost like a jinx.  If I stop anticipating a pregnancy with vitamins, then I am more likely to find myself pregnant.  If I keep taking the vitamins, the fates look down on me laughing, “Boy, she is really jumping the gun, isn’t she!”  I know this makes NO logical sense, but not many things in my life do.

So I take the vitamins.  I don’t freak out if I miss a day here and there.  My morning coffee is usually decaf, unless I’m desperate.  I abstained from alcoholic beverages on both Friday and Saturday this weekend.  Tonight, I WILL toast my one year anniversary with a glass of champagne.  But that’s all.

Not-so-patiently waiting for May 24.