19 Weeks

Boring pregnancy = healthy pregnancy = I’ll take it!

This picture makes me realize that I wasn’t as fat as I thought I was before I was pregnant:

I find it truly amazing how everything expands and shifts. Even though the “bump” is still questionable depending on what I’m wearing, there is no doubt that my body is changing. I’ve noticed quite a bit of change between weeks 17-19, though I’m still getting quite a bit of “you don’t even look pregnant yet!” I’m pretty sure that will change soon…

For the past two weeks or so, I’ve been cramping, and at times it gets pretty intense to the point that I need to breathe through it. It is mostly on the left side, and though it is not what I imagined round ligament pain to be, I’m guessing that’s what it is. 

I can still sleep on my stomach pretty comfortably if I angle one knee out to the side and put my hand under the opposite hip. When I wake up in the morning, the bump is usually pretty firm and pronounced but once I pee, all bets are off. Speaking of peeing… there’s still quite a bit of that going on, though thankfully not every night!

My appetite seems pretty normal. I am +8 pounds total, which seems a bit alarming to me though as far as I know, it falls within the recommendations for 19 weeks. I’m not eating as healthily as I could but I’m not off the deep end either. 

Last weekend, my parents gave me this adorable onesie. Baby A’s first article of clothing.

Mom and I are going crib shopping on Sunday. I just can’t believe I am almost halfway there… It went slow at first, but now time seems to be flying by.

Oooh…!!! And I have definitely felt flutters. Butterflies, top of the roller coaster stuff… so I hope some proper kicks are not too far off!!!

What do I miss?  Alcoholic beverages. Especially now that we are seeing warmer weather.  I’m not ashamed. 

I’m pretty sure Baby is a girl. It feels weird to admit that or to say it out loud, but I am getting definite girl vibes. Even though I was with a 5 year old last weekend who was adamant that it’s a boy named Jack. We are choosing not to find out, so only the big day will tell…!!!

Baby Bargains 

Last Sunday, my parents gifted me this book, as a mommy-to-be gift on Mother’s Day. 

Baby Bargains, by Denise and Alan Fields

At first I thought that as someone who gets overwhelmed easily, this book would just induce more unnecessary anxiety. I am the kind of person who hates shopping because I can’t put an outfit together unless I saw it in the display case. To date, shopping and registering for baby has been this daunting task that I keep shoving to the back of my mind. (When the time comes, I will just bring mom with me and she will know what to do…) 

Enter Baby Bargains. I’m only on page 26, but I already feel better armed and educated to start shopping for baby. Contrary to the title, this book is not about finding the least expensive products. It takes safety, quality, and price into consideration and offers lots of options depending on the type of person you are. 

Also, the authors do not accept freebies or discounts from anyone. Everything in the book is based on heir first hand experience with products they paid full retail price for, and customer reviews.

As I mentioned, I am only on page 26 of 590 (!!!), but I am already finding the information helpful, and best yet, I’m actually (dare I say it) getting excited to start the registry! Mom is still coming with me, for sure, but at least now I will have some educated opinions to add to the experience!

Say ‘YES’ to Maternity Clothes!

I went into Motherhood Maternity today with one purpose: maternity capris for work. Obviously they were running 837 promotions and I left with two hundred dollars worth of stuff. 4 pairs of pants, 3 tops, 5 pairs of undies, and 1 dress. But I do not have buyer’s remorse.

I’m just starting to get more of a belly (which admittedly grows as I eat…), and my regular clothes still fit, but you know what… I’m looking much more adorable in maternity clothes. That’s why they make maternity clothes, folks. No, they are not in my budget, but… oh well, they are now hanging in my closet anyway!

I say, treat yourself to at least a couple pairs of pants and a few tops! So worth it! I swear as soon as I put the clothes on, I looked and felt more pregnant! I will try to post pics as I wear the different things I bought… other than the undies 😉.  


15 Weeks

Some notes:

  • Craving: chips with artificial cheese (i.e. Doritos), pickles (cliche, but true…), BLT w/turkey bacon (could literally eat these for every meal, happily), French fries or fried potato in any form, lemonade 
  • Bump: can definitely feel my uterus above my pubic bone, but still no bump 😣 …yeah, yeah, I know… soon enough…
  • doc appointment at 14w5d was uneventful – heard heartbeat (yay💛), but my home Doppler is better than theirs! I guess uneventful is a good thing!
  • still going to acupuncture once a week 
  • Good news: going back to the gym!
  • Looking forward to: celebrating my sister’s birthday this weekend (soon to be Auntie Dara in about 6 months!)
  • Baby Items: furniture for nursery (from my parents’ house) is being delivered tomorrow, and Rob’s parents told us that they are giving us the family heirloom rocking chair from Italy! I’m not quite ready to start the registry or to do any shopping of my own yet.
  • Worries: trying to figure out my long term disability insurance for maternity leave (have been paying into it for 11 years; have no idea what my coverage is or what my policy number is or how to go about figuring it out…)

That’s about it… if I think of anything else worth adding, I will update! 


(It is definitely pouchier and bulgier, but still mostly soft, and in my opinion, does not yet qualify for bump status!!!) Maybe next week?!? 

14 Weeks 

Today, ALL of my pregnancy apps have officially rolled me over into second trimester. (Some of them rolled me over last week). Now I feel like a member of the second tri club. 

Here are some things the apps and books say about second trimester:

  • You will pee less. False. I didn’t pee any more than usual during first tri. Now, I can barely make it an hour, and am making one bathroom visit during each sleep.
  • You will get some energy back. False. I have been more tired than ever.
  • Your morning sickness will subside. False. Well, to be fair, I was very fortunate and never had textbook morning sickness. However, I feel “yuckier” and more run down than I did in first tri. I have a constant “full” feeling even if I haven’t eaten, and am consistently sore in the lower abdomen. Sort of achey I guess I would say.
  • Your boobs will be less tender. False. Just false.

Now, this is just me, and I have never been a “by the book” kind of gal. Also, it is very early in my second trimester so I’m sure the coming weeks will bring lots of change.

All in all, I am still feeling great and have no cause for complaint at all. NT scan and level 1 genetic blood work all came back normal, which I am so so grateful for. My family, friends, and colleagues couldn’t be happier and more supportive. Even Rob is starting to get a kick out of telling people I’m pregnant. 

Here’s today’s bump pic (jury is still out as to whether it is the beginning of a bump or still just bloat… probably a bit of each).


Pregnancy Gods Forgive Me

I ate a turkey sandwich from my favorite kosher deli. I nuked it in the micro first, but I am still nervous because that’s me. I am the kind of person who is irrationally scared of food poisoning when I am not pregnant, and I just ate deli meat. This is called desperation. 

So, pregnancy gods, I implore you! I have been scared to eat for weeks and I needed something with nutritional value. Please forgive me just this once.

No, I couldn’t really enjoy it, but yeah, it was good… 


Going Live!

Today is the day… we are going Facebook official with the pregnancy. It is an absolutely – flawlessly – beautiful day here in NJ, and in spite of the bleeding yesterday we got a good report from doc… so today just feels like the day.

There is one thing tugging at my heartstrings. The people who will see my announcement and feel despair, emptiness, or frustration. Yes, I have waited for this moment, but I so feel for everyone in the infertility community, no matter what stage of the journey they are on. Along with the picture below, I plan to add the caption: “Brought to you by patience, love, and science. Never give up hope.” 


[photo cred: my awesome sister 💛]  

Never Get Comfy – updated!

(Original post below)

First of all, baby is doing just fine, with a heartbeat as strong as ever, and measuring exactly 13w1d. So, hallelujah and thank the heavens!!! 

But to recap… When I got home from work, there was some fresh blood and more cramping. I decided to call the doctor before weekend hours made it harder to get someone on the phone. The doctor called me right back and told me to meet him at the office. There was no hesitation and no further questions asked. He said he didn’t want me to have to live with any uncertainty all weekend.

I passed a small clot while at the doctor’s office, but baby’s heart was a strong 168 on the ultrasound. The only visible source for the problem seemed to be at the top of the placenta, near the cervix. It looked like it was lifting from the uterus slightly and that’s where blood was pooling. The doctor was not concerned. He said babies only actually need 50% of the placenta to survive and this was minuscule, comparatively.

He also added that if bleeding gets worse or I just need peace of mind, I should call any time, even if it’s over the weekend. They will scan me for free if it’s not covered by insurance. This sealed the deal fore that I am remaining with this OBGYN group. I had been on the fence, but they couldn’t have made me feel more validated or comfortable today than they did. 

So, given the good news, in spite of some blood, I think we are going to go ahead with our Facebook reveal tomorrow! Yippee!


  • Had my NT scan on Wednesday and everything looked great.
  • Subchorionic hematoma resolved itself.
  • Hit 13 weeks yesterday.
  • Announced pregnancy at work.

So, naturally, today I am having spotting and some cramps. It is very minimal, but it is there.

Come on, universe, please just throw me a fucking bone. Please.