Cetrotide 911!!!


Major freak out over here!!! HELP!

I lost half my dose of Cetrotide out the top of the needle before injecting. I was pushing the plunger up to get rid of the air and out comes all of this liquid! WTF?!? I was just pushing the meds to the top. Last night the Cetrotide itched like crazy and tonight it’s just a tiny bit red but hardly anything last night!!!

Now I am picturing all of my follicles hanging on for dear life in an attempt to resist my LH surge.

Please tell me this has happened to you and it was fine!


Stims, Days 1-2

100 units follistim
1 vial Menopur

The trick is to have an amazing sister, who just so happens to be a nurse, come over and help you through it for a few days. I can not even tell you how much this has helped to put my mind at ease. She’s also really good at getting rid of those stubborn air bubbles. A HUGE SHOUT OUT to all you brave women who had to fly solo right from the beginning. I had anxiety all day even knowing my sister was coming over to help!

How I’m feeling: Soooo crampy!!!! (But this is likely because I have my period and can’t take my trusty midol), slept all day (also likely related to period), the heating pad is my best friend, feels like a really bad period day

I go for ultrasound and bloodwork in the AM. Will get new dosage info. based on the visit, if necessary. I am very excited and optimistic. And I hope all this positivity doesn’t come back to bite me in the ass, but I am thinking it will keep me in a much healthier frame of mind which can’t be a bad thing!